We Offer

Indigo People Development Services Established 2013We offer various products and services based on client needs. For Organisations who are people focused, small businesses on a mission to grow and individuals who are serious about their relationships and their own development.   

We offer:- 

Transformational Workshops: Understanding your people their complexities and ensuring a high level of productivity can be a challenge for any organisation today. Transformational workshops can be extremely powerful. Companies such as Sure Travel, GTASA, Travel With Flair and the XL Travel Group already know the value of the work presented by Linda Roodt!  

Professional, Group and individual Coaching:  People Development with good coaching methodology can enhance the way leaders interact and communicate with their staff. Coaching facilitates learning, encourages individuals to think beyond what is visible and ensures alternative perspectives through a questioning methodology. Coaching encourages a non-judgmental non defensive approach when working with strong emotions and not be overpowered by another’s perspective. 

Business Development: If you are a small business or entrepreneur who needs a thinking partner to support your business growth and understand your current challenges in an extremely cut throat environment give us a call. 

I3 Profiling: It is possible to have people in your organisation who may feel stuck and stifled.  By using this effective and inexpensive profiling method you will be provided with positive information that will support development and growth for employees of all walks of life.

Training: Indigo People Development Services are associated with Itisa, CBA and the Coaching Centre. We offer programs linked to national skills qualifications and coaching with an integral approach. Through a consultative process the best solutions will be proposed to fit your organisational needs to develop all levels of leaders and staff.  

Individual Therapy: Dissatisfied with your relationships professional or personal. The combination of Coaching and Family Constellation provides new ways of being and understanding the self. Outcomes are clear and visible enabling transformation and making informed decisions.