Family systems are complexed. Understandably so, mom and dad comes from their respective families set up home and are now expected to live happily ever after. Once the honeymoon phase is over, the family systemic entanglements show up. Often the conflict that arise from the different cultural and other systems intertwines into this family unit makes the relationship volatile and often unbearable.

What if you can understand the complexities and how to overcome your relationship challenges? How could this change how you live the next 5 years? What if you begin to understand what makes you tick as appose to how complicated your spouse is? How would you change the way you look at your relationship issues? 

Founder Bert Hellinger (born Anton Hellinger in 1925 in Germany into a Catholic German family). Was imprisoned in Belgium's P.O.W. Camp after refusing to join the Hitler Youth Organisation and was suspected of being "an enemy of the people". 

He lived in Durban for 16 years, was assigned as a missionary priest to the Zulus, served as a parish priest and teacher and later head master of a large school of African Students, was fluent in Zulu and participated in rituals... He studied Theology, Philosophy and Psychotherapy and included other influences such as Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis 

It is also referred to as phenomenological therapy which is an ancient philosophical method. The process is without knowledge or fear. It looks at what lies behind everything, what unifies and is supported and guided by that which underlies and defines all desires. In order to work phenomenologically the Therapist has to accept the world as it is. The Therapist must have no urge to change the world.

Solutions usually arise when we have a wider view.