Offers highly skilled & facilitated Training & Workshops for: 
BUSINESS – see more detail in “More About Offerings” below
  1. Organisational Change Management
  2. Organisation Constellations
  3. Diversity & Transformation Workshops and Training
  4. Business Development Workshops
  5. Executive Coaching
  6. Personnel Mastery & Development
  7. Profiling Individuals & Work Groups
  • Personal Mastery  
  • Personal Goal attainment through Coaching
  • Family  & Couples Therapy
  • Therapy for Addiction  
  • XL Travel Group
  • XL Millennium Travel
  • XL Duma Travel and
  • GTASA (full name?)
  • CEFA (Full name?)
  • Travel With Flair
  • Innovative Content Solutions,
  • Roxy Marosa Studio’s 
  • Sure Penzance Travel
  • Sure Gulliver’s Travel
  • Sure Travel 24/7
Organisational Constellations:
When a machine is out of order we look for the broken parts to have it fixed. When the human body goes awry we need to look for solutions with a holistic approach. To ensure our wellbeing every organ must function properly, the same is true for an Organisation. When all parts are not working together to deliver on the outcomes intended for the organisation the impact to the bottom line can be devastating. This is a totally different tool to use for strategy implementation and a great tool for critical leadership decisions and overall people management.                                                                
Diversity and Transformational Workshops:
Managing and developing individual employees and teams or groups can be challenging. Transformational workshops are extremely powerful when it comes to diversity. Using a simple approach of personal mastery benefits the organisation and the employee. Outcomes are based on individual participation and openness.
Coaching:- Coaching facilitates learning, encourages individuals to think beyond what is visible and provides the alternative perspective.  We use a non-judgmental non defensive questioning approach when working with clients strong emotions giving the “coachee” time to relax and think about solutions to their challenges.
I3 Profiling:
  • Constructive feedback to assist with building effective & productive teams
  • Improved recruitment choices.
  • Vital information not otherwise visible to the employee/person in support of future career options and to the organisations when planning and developing their people.  
Linda Carol Roodt
1997 – 2013 Galileo Southern Africa and Travelport
Regional Manager: Western and Eastern Cape
Duties and responsibilities:
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Services Management,
  • Managing Operations
  • Contract Management
  • Business Development Manager
  • Staff development and Training
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
1980 – 1997 Avis Rent-A-Car November
  • Various Positions held in Avis Operations, Corporate and Travel Sales
Education (post Matric):
  • Diploma from “Stellenbosch University” Business School - Management
  • Diploma from “The Coaching Centre”: Executive Coaching, Organizational Coaching/Family Therapy
  • Diploma from Family Constellation Africa in: Organisational and Family Constellation Facilitation Training
  • Certificate from “Wits University” Business School: Sales Management and Finance
  • Certificate from “UCT”: Labour Relations  
  • Certificate from “I3 Profiling”: Profile Management, Staff and Work Groups
Personal Development Training:
  • Landmark Forum,
  • The Landmark Advance Course
  • The Landmark Leadership Program